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jim rippey

First-ever Back-flip on a Snowmobile - 2001
Big Air World Champion - 1998
#1 Selling Pro-model snowboard in the world
1st Place - Vans Triple Crown, Snow Summit, Big Air - 2001
Gold Medal - Innsbruck Air & Style, Big Air - 1999
Gold Medal - Gothenburg Megastar Contest, Big Air - 1998
Bronze Medal - Summer X-Games, Big Air - 1998
Gold Medal - Vans World Championships, Big Air - 1998
Gold Medal - US Open, Big Air - 1997
Gold Medal - Innsbruck Air & Style, Big Air - 1997

A lifetime of weekend trips to various North Shore resorts from his hometown of Quincy, California, taught Jim Rippey how to ski well. He easily translated those skills to a snowboard, and his talent has been evident since he first strapped one on. After his first year riding during the 1989-90 season (he worked at Donner Ski Ranch as a lift operator and rode at Boreal at night) Rippey could do everything he could on skis only better, including back-flips and spins. A natural athlete addicted to catching air, it seems Rippey spends as much time in the air as he does on the ground, whether he is base jumping, riding moto-cross, sky diving, or snowboarding.

In the past ten years, Rippey has become on of the most recognizable names in snowboarding. He designed the best selling pro-model snowboard in the world with Burton Snowboards, invented at least one trick (a spinning back-flip know as the Rippey Flip), and was the 1998 Big Air World Champion. His latest accomplishment for 2001 is completing the first-ever back-flip on a snowmobile.

He has his own action figures with X-Toys and extreme JoXX, and trading cards with Road Champs. Jim married his sweetheart Jennifer last year, and has a home in Truckee, CA.